Paul works with the owners of power washing companies to help them grow their business and improve their bottom line

  • Systematize your business processes and get out of your own way
  • Build profitable client relationships and stop chasing projects
  • Drive profit through utilizing best practices in technology
Paul Horsley

Meet Paul Horsley

The Leading Power Washing Expert in North America

PWNA With more than 35 years industry experience, Paul Horsley is the man behind one of North America's most successful power washing companies - Scotts Pressure Wash. The company was founded nearly 50 years ago by his late father. President and owner, Paul runs the company from his Calgary, Alberta …

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Working with Paul

Paul Horsley brings passion, excitement and knowledge to his professional relationships … He is great to work with in that he motivates you to do your best all while making it fun. He also taught me how to grow my business through fleet washing. His 30 plus years of experience allowed me to hit the ground running.

Mike Hilborn, President Roof-to-Deck Restoration Worked directly with Paul

Pressure Washing Resources for Your Business

Future of Fleet Washing

“Fleet washing will always be a needed service I believe,” says Paul Horsley, PWNA President. “Fleet owners cannot afford truck wash prices. Washing their own units always looks good on paper but it seldom works. It might take them a year or so to come to the conclusion that it’s not working. They have a very hard time finding and keeping people to do the work …” Read Full Article (pdf)

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