Interested in accessing resources to help you grow your pressure washing business? Looking for new opportunities in pressure washing or trying to enhance your current processes? The following articles provide valuable insights into a variety of opportunities to grow your pressure washing business and seize new opportunities.

Do You Want Fries With That?

Good economy or bad, up selling can mean the difference between surviving and thriving
PWNA Article for Cleaner Times (March 2010)
By Terri Perrin
“Up-selling is something you can easily integrate in the power washing business when you view your services as an ‘a la carte’ menu”, according to Terri Perrin. This article offers helpful tips for up-selling, including utilizing your website, asking for referrals, and aligning yourself with a realtor.

A New Train of Thought

Pressure washing railcars and locomotives is a lucrative market
According to Paul Horsley, “The rail industry in North America is much bigger than most people think and, just like other modes of transportation, railway companies need power washing services.” This article lays out the rail-related cleaning opportunities in North America.

Flat-Surface Power Washing

Facts About Flat-Surface Power Washing
By Terri Perrin
This article lays out the complexities and opportunities of flat-surface power washing, a segment of the pressure washing industry that can be a profitable in all seasons. The article features a series of flat surface cleaning tips to ensure that you’re making the right business decisions.

Could You be Working on the Railroad?

Power washing railcars and locomotives is a lucrative niche market
By Terri Perrin
Railcar cleaning is a lucrative niche market that Paul Horsley has capitalized on at Scotts Pressure Wash. This article lays out how to enter this niche industry and the seven-step process for appropriately cleaning railcars.

More Power to You!

Fleet Cleaning Drives Scotts Pressure Wash Services
By Terri Perrin
Learn about the vast cleaning opportunities posed by the trucking industry. Fleet washing has almost limitless potential for growth and is an important year-round service. This article lays out how Scotts Pressure Wash has capitalized on commercial fleet washing, and will help you develop your own fleet washing strategy.

The Future Of Fleet Washing

Interviews with Leaders in Fleet Washing
By Cleaner Time
The article begins at the top with Paul Horsley, owner of Scott’s
Pressure Wash in Calgary, AB, specializes in mobile washing among other things. Michael
Hinderliter, another key figure in PWNA, owns Steamaway in Ft. Worth, TX, and also
handles a lot of fleet washing. Scott Stone is the owner of A Mind for Detail in Mesa, AZ, and
adds fleet washing to his list of services offered. Tom Bickett owns Combines Cleaning in
Princeton, IL. And Don Flory is the owner of Envirowash in Baldwin, KS.  


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